Attention all Noble Alumni: Noble is launching a DEI Listening Tour to refine and update Noble’s priorities and plans to be a more equitable & inclusive organization. We know we can’t do this work without hearing from you, our alumni. Your voice is critical to continuously improving 高贵’s work and efforts. We want to hear from you. 校友 can share their input in one of two ways: complete an anonymous survey or sign up for a virtual affinity group session. To learn more & to register to share your input, click 这里。

We at Noble must recognize the significance of the times we are in and continue to evolve for the better. We must work towards anti-racism as a model of being, and not a timely buzz word.  Anti-racism means we must do righteous work for our children and families. We must continue to hammer away at our own racist practices & policies, hold ourselves accountable, make urgent and bold changes, and lead with values that are quickly followed 通过 actions. There is no shortcut to freedom. Noble must lead from the front for academic results and educational equity. I am expecting these things from 高贵 because I know we can do it. And, I look forward to doing this work alongside brilliant people, students, and families. This work is collective and requires us all. The fight for freedom is not new. I encourage you to honor the groundswell for justice, force the urgency it requires, contribute to its momentum, and create the change. Our children and our ancestors are expecting nothing less.”